#251. Do You Have the Faith of a Fisherman?

Photo by Jeff Rogers I was raised in the Nazarene church. I had a wonderful Sunday School teacher. Some of my earliest and fondest memories were in that church in Sunday School. As I got older, I struggled with the doctrine of sanctification as it was taught in the Nazarene church our family attended. The … Read more

#250. When God Speaks — Listen! 

Maybe I should have known it was a Godsend from the beginning, but I didn’t. I was pleased with the new painting I had done of a barn in Texas, for I had created paintings of lots of barns before. Most of them were in Kentucky or Iowa, where I had lived and knew many … Read more

#249. Meghan’s Story

After 30 years of being trafficked, Meghan experienced the authentic Jesus when a group of friends simply received her into their lives. The Chosen, particularly the story of Mary Magdalene, played an impactful part in her journey. We are grateful to The Chosen for allowing us to share Meghan’s God story with you through the … Read more

#248. God Called Me Into Ministry One Step at a Time

Photo by Jeff Rogers Photography In the late 1990s, my wife and I had a conversation while driving home from her parents’ house. It went like this: “I feel like God is calling me into ministry,” I said. “What do you mean?” my wife asked. “What kind of ministry?” “I really don’t know,” I said. … Read more

#247. I Needed to Change Everything

I am 27 years old and I’m the youngest of three kids. I have a brother who is five years older than me. He is on the severe autism spectrum. At age 32, his developmental level is that of a toddler. Our sister moved out of the house when I was just three years old … Read more

#246. God’s Blessing of Multiplication

Photo by Rob Collins My name is Adeboye Taiwo and I was born into a Christian family in Nigeria. We attended the Anglican Church. I served in children’s ministry all the while, taking care of children in the church, teaching them the ways of God.  I met my wife, Ajibola, at church. We met as … Read more

#245. COVID Lessons About the Faithfulness of God

Photo by Tammy Warren My wife Dee Dee and I will never forget Christmas Day 2020. That’s when we believe we were both exposed to coronavirus, while visiting with family.  We developed symptoms that led us to be tested on Dec. 27, and within 24 hours we learned we were both positive for COVID-19. While … Read more

#244. My Story Isn’t Over

I have spent over half my life in prison. All totaled, I have been to prison four times. The sad part is that none of that prison time helped me; to be honest, I truly think it made me worse. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t care to break the law, as … Read more

#243. School Bus Baby, Part 2

Photo by Billy June Richardson I remember her. That little girl in pink and pearls. I remember reaching tiny fingers up to touch those gritty pearls and wondering if I could eat them later if I got hungry.  I remember. I always remember. At least I want to always remember… because, “Who knows when something … Read more