#93 Simple Confirmation

 Photo by Lucas Wiman

There was a time in college when I prayed that if God was really personal and active in the world, that He would speak to me. I did this every day for two weeks. Every time I prayed, it felt like He said, “I love you.” I wasn’t impressed or convinced it was God. I thought I was making up those thoughts on my own. 

One day, after about two weeks of this happening every day, a man stopped me on my way to class. I don’t even remember his name; we didn’t really know each other. He asked if he could pray for me. I said sure. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “God, I thank you that you speak to Austin, even if it’s something as simple and profound as to tell him You love him.” 

He walked away without confirmation that his prayer was profound. He probably thought what he prayed was as generic and unimportant as what I thought I was hearing over the past couple weeks. But, as he walked away, I stood with my mouth open, completely astonished. 

That experience created a snowball effect in my life of allowing God to speak. It eliminated a lot of doubt in my heart and mind.

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