#107 Missionaries in the Mountains: Prayers in the Subway


Photo by Cara Dee Photography

I have been helping at The Lydia’s House, rehab for ladies; I teach a bible study on Friday afternoons.

I always pray with the ladies when I’m about to leave. In my prayer, I asked God to overfill our hearts (let it spill out) with His love, so everyone would see it and ask about it.

About three hours later, I was picking up subs at Subway. I called in the order but the lady said she got busy and wasn’t able to make them. I said, “No problem.” So I stood in line and I noticed she was the only one working. My thought, it was a Friday night and only one employee, wow. As I stood in line, I noticed the line behind me was getting longer. At this point I could tell the worker was getting frustrated. She made a call to ask for help to come in. By this time the line was 10 people behind me. She looked at me with a huge sigh and said, “You look like a sweet Christian lady; could you pray for me?” I said, “Most definitely!! I prayed for her there, in the car, and after I got home. Then I remembered my prayer. 

Thank you God for answering prayers and letting your love show though me.

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